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About the Artist


                                              About the Artist

           Anna Webb’s career has gradually evolved from architectural and interior
           design, to film and set design, to graphic design, to painting.  In 1994, the
           diagnosis of a degenerative eye disease gave urgency to pursuing her
           life-long love of fine art.  Soon after, faced with several weeks alone as her
           husband traveled in Brazil, she re-acquainted herself with the old brushes
           and paints that had been in storage since a rudimentary college art class.

           Her subject matter demonstrates an appreciation of architectural elements
           from her days practicing design.  She also draws heavily from her travels;
           the sights, the people, the sensory details.  The colors are bold and vibrant,
           the edges clean and sharp.  Rarely does she create a canvas without a
           figurative element, characters that beg the observer to ask, “Who is this
           person?  Why are they there?  What are they thinking?”  They are not
           out-of-focus suggestions of people, but individuals, rich and detailed.  The
           streets, buildings and rooms in her work are real places where people live
           and work and play.  You are easily drawn into the canvases to experience
           the environment along with her subjects.

           Exciting new treatments promise to one day cure the eye condition that caused
           her to pick up her paint brushes again.  Relaxation comes in the form of home
           and garden projects where she “paints” with building materials and plants.
           Her musician husband and many pets give her focus, inspiration and even
           subject matter.

Anna is best known locally for the Nashville skylines that originally began
           as the cover art for an event calendar she published for eight years called
           The Nashville Calendar.  It's a popular series that she continues to this day,
           exploring new styles and mediums along the way.

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